1 Day in Rome

I know, I know. ONE day in Rome is not possible. And you are correct. BUT we did see a lot and had the BEST DAY! I can’t wait to get back and spend several days there.

Rome was the 4th stop on our Mediterranean cruise. We booked a tour through the ship called Ultimate Rome. It was the most expensive but this was our big splurge on tours and it was worth every penny. Our tour group met at 7:00 AM to get started. We had until 7:00 PM to get back and the drive was over an hour each way so the clock was ticking!

We started with a condensed tour of the Vatican. It was incredible! I never knew that it was it’s own city! You can definitely spend an entire day there if you have the time. It was already really crowded when we arrived so go early if you’re able. When we exited the Sistine Chapel, we headed for St. Peter’s Square. Again, just incredible! We were also so fortunate to have such beautiful weather. I vote that you all visit in May!

Next stop was the Trevi Fountain! I was so excited to see this beautiful work of art. Unfortunately for us, it was under restoration at the time. So not as beautiful as we had hoped, but we still threw our coins in! (And it gives us an excuse to go back) Throwing with your right arm over your left shoulder is the proper technique for tossing your coin. Beware of everyone trying to sell you cheap selfie-sticks… it’s crazy!

We stopped for lunch at a beautiful hotel. This is the only part I could have done without on the tour… it was so nice and the food was delicious, but I would have rather stopped at a local sandwich shop and spent more time seeing the sights. A 3-course meal took a serious chunk out of our day.

Our last stop was the Colosseum! This was definitely my favorite. I can’t describe the feeling you feel when you’re there, but you’ll love it! Just like everything in Europe, it’s amazing how far back the history goes. In America, we think OLD is 100 years.

We made it back in time to sail off into the sunset. On our return to Rome, we will definitely spend several days and take our time enjoying the art and history. This was a great introduction to the city and I’m grateful we were able to have the experience!

Next stop, Kotor!

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