1 Day in Montenegro

Montenegro. I will be honest with you, I had no idea this was even a place until we booked the Mediterranean cruise. My criteria for the route was that it included Barcelona, Florence, Rome, and Athens. Marseille and Kotor ended up being really great bonuses!

The ship we were on was the inaugural visit of a Princess ship into Kotor. The drive in was incredible! It was such a narrow passage way, I have no idea how we made it through and turned around to make it back out!

We booked a tour through the cruise for this stop, since I was very unfamiliar with the location. When we were getting on the bus, my husband recommended we just take the front seats that were opposite the driver. Sounded like a great idea… until we found out about the Serpentine Road! This is a world famous drive with 25 numbered switchbacks. With each sharp turn, Cam and I were hanging over the edge of each since bus wheels are set farther back. It was a little nerve-wracking! Then we got the top and OH MY VIEW!! Absolutely stunning and worth the fear that I went through.

After, we stopped for pictures and then made our way into Njegusi, an adorable little town famous for making its own prosciutto – Njeguški pršut. We went into the restaurant and were able to enjoy homemade bread, cheese, prosciutto, and honey wine. *Travel tip: don’t buy the honey wine if you’re planning to pack it and take it home… the seal isn’t the best and it will leak all over your clothes* It was incredible how different the climate was in Njeguši vs Kotor. It was only a 30 minute drive but the air was so much cooler. We were told the climate was perfect for making the prosciutto because of the mix of sea and mountain air.

The next stop was the city of Cetinje. We toured the local museum, the Serbian Orthodox Monastery, and enjoyed a gorgeous field of wildflowers not far from the bus.

When we arrived back in Kotor, we toured the Kotor Cathedral which concluded the guided portion of our day.

We had a little bit of free time left so we sat down to enjoy a delicious late lunch at a café with wifi… we were relieved since we hadn’t checked in with our family yet to let them know we were well and having the most amazing time! After lunch we walked through town and the local shops.

When we got back on the ship we changed into our swim suits and headed for the hot tubs on the deck so that we could relax and enjoy the very narrow but gorgeous drive out of the port. I went to Kotor not knowing what it was and now it will forever be one of my favorite places.

Next stop, Athens!

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