Weekend Getaway – Raleigh, NC

A few years ago, Cameron and I started an annual tradition of visiting his brother and brother’s wife in Raleigh for Easter. It gives us an excuse to get away for a long weekend and gives them the opportunity to have family around for a holiday without having to take time off of work.

As you’ll read, most of our weekend is spent relaxing, eating, and drinking. But there are still tons of things outside of my recommendations to explore!

Our first step in planning this trip every year is to wait for a Southwest sale that encompasses the dates around Easter. They have early morning direct flights from Tampa to Raleigh so it’s a really easy and convenient way to get there. (You can also look at Allegiant for inexpensive fares but I value my life so I stick with Southwest) This year when we booked, our route wasn’t included in the sale so it was the usual $250 per person round-trip. But when the next sale happened, it was included! So we adjusted our reservation and received a credit that we put toward our flights for May to Salt Lake City.

Our usual Friday plans when we land include a round of golf at The Preserve at Jordan Lake Golf Club.  Unfortunately, this year’s winter was a bit longer than normal (and Easter was earlier) so the course was not in ideal condition to play. So instead we relaxed and napped with the pups before heading to Beasley’s Chicken & Honey for dinner.

If you like southern food and have not been to Beasley’s, add it to your list of places to try! I get the chicken & waffles every year but everything else I’ve tried is also really good! My top 3 picks are the chicken & waffles, chicken biscuit, and chicken pot pie. And I think it’s pretty necessary to get a side order of biscuits to-go. You’ll thank me in the morning. http://ac-restaurants.com/beasleys/

After Beasley’s, we walked over to Bitter Sweet, a specialty coffee, dessert, and cocktail bar. I couldn’t drink this year since I’m pregnant but I was perfectly content with my s’mores sundae! http://bittersweetraleigh.com/

On Saturday we went to breakfast at Smashed Waffles. Ohhhhhh my goodness they were delicious! Each couple got a waffle-wich to share, so that we’d have some protein, and then one of each specialty waffle to share (6 total). This is definitely the way to go so you can try a little of everything! https://www.smashedwaffles.com/

After we ate and felt a few pounds heavier, we made our way to the Centennial Campus Disc Golf Course to get some steps in. We’re all terrible at disc golf but it was a lot of fun to walk the course and try out our non-existent Frisbee skills. This course is only 9 holes so we played twice. It was a gorgeous day and a fun way to spend it outside.

After disc golf, we stopped by Boylan Bridge Brewpub for some drinks and snacks. They have a great patio area that’s perfect for a nice day. That night, the Final Four games were on so we watched the first at the house and then the rest of the group headed to Player’s Retreat for dinner and drinks (me and the bump were wiped).

On Sunday morning we went to the Duke Chapel Easter service and then to the Sarah P. Duke Botanical Gardens. This is an annual tradition that I love! After, we went for brunch at Big Ed’s Market. It was really good breakfast food but if you want a fun brunch, this is not the place. Last year we went to The Station at Person Street and I would definitely go back again! http://stationraleigh.com/   I also still need to try Beasley’s brunch!!

For our Easter dinner, we always do Italian. Last year was stuffed shells with bread and salad. This year was chicken parmesan with angel hair pasta and salad. On Monday morning, we packed our things and headed back to the real world!

So here are our favorites, including this trip and past trips: Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, Bitter Sweet, Smashed Waffles, Whiskey Kitchen, Trophy Brewing Co., Raleigh Times, Boykin Bridge Brewpub, The Station at Person Street, golf at The Preserve, walking at Lake Johnson, attempting to play disc golf at Centennial Disc Golf Course, and the Duke Botanical Gardens.

You’ll see The Pit as a highly rated destination but if you’re looking for good bbq, find a nice little hole in the wall place. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but we only went once and I’m okay with that. There are also a lot of museums and historical sites to explore in Raleigh! Don’t let my napping and eating ways deter you from visiting.

Message me with any questions that you might have! If you get the chance to visit, I hope you enjoy!

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