Big Sky, MT in winter

Our cancelled Big Sky plans for March 2020 finally happened! The mountain reopened for the 2020/2021 winter season and we were thrilled! The only downside is that our original rental house was sold, but the rental company found our group another option that worked out perfectly.

We chose February this time due to a lot of March and April plans for our group of 8. Traveling with a group can oftentimes be difficult, so be sure to pick the right people! 6 of us flew together from Florida and 2 from Maryland. We were able to land in Bozeman within 30 minutes of each other so it worked out great. We rented 2 4Runners with AWD so that we could be sure we’d make it up the mountain to our rental house in Moonlight Basin. The rental car counter was insane so always have your rental car reserved in advance!

One car headed straight for Big Sky to pick up rental gear and the other went to the Albertson’s in Bozeman to grocery shop for the week. The drive from Bozeman to Big Sky is about an hour. It snowed the entire time so we were a little slow (typical Floridians). It also snowed all night, which made for lots of powder in the morning!

The varying skill levels amongst our friends were perfect so that we could break up into groups on the mountain. 3 of us took lessons, 1 group went straight to the top, and another hung more on the greens. Half of us called it a day at lunch time and made our way back to the house so we could lounge in the hot tub. That night it was Super Bowl and we made allllll the food.

The next day, half of us went dog sledding! This was my first time and I was in heaven. The powdery snow, the gorgeous pines covered in it, and THE DOGS! It seriously looked like we were in Narnia. The guide that one of my friends and I had was the best. He was so laid back and funny – it made the excursion even more fun. Half way through, they stopped and gave us cookies and hot chocolate – something we weren’t expecting! After our excursion, we went straight back to the hot tub!

After being separated for a day, the entire group went snowmobiling together. We followed a trail for about 6 miles that brought us to a wide open meadow. The guides let us go free and we got to race around as fast as we wanted. For most of us, it was our first time and we all had a blast!

Our final two days were on the mountain. The less skilled group hung out at Madison Base and rode the greens. At the bottom, where the lifts are, there is a cookie stand. Needless to say, I took a lot of cookie breaks.

It was -1o our last day – my eye lashes, hair, and nose hair froze!

I’ve now been to Big Sky in the summer and in the winter. I’m in love with both seasons and recommend you try to see both!

A detailed itinerary, with tour guide information, is available for purchase for $25. Accepted payment is Venmo.

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