Weekend Getaway – Frederick, MD

Have you ever heard of Frederick, MD? I hadn’t. I stumbled upon this great spot when I was planning a weekend trip to see one of my best friends that had recently moved to Baltimore.

If you’ve been following along, you know that visiting vineyards has been my favorite pandemic activity – lots of outdoor space and wine! So for every city I visit, I type “vineyards near xyz” into Google just to check, even if I don’t think any will be nearby. When I began my search for this trip, The Frederick Wine Trail populated as a result for “vineyards near Baltimore”. An entire wine trail?! Sign me up.

Plans went from very basic – hanging out at my friends apartment and seeing a few sites in Baltimore – to way more fun (and as we joke, very romantic)! I had a lot of hotel points from a previous hotel stay that included used bandaids hanging from my window shades that were not mine…. I was completely grossed out and angry at the time, but now that I had enough points for a free weekend stay in another city, I was pretty excited! So I booked the hotel in Frederick and began planning our vineyard-hopping weekend.

I landed in Baltimore on a Friday – travel was easy since it was just me and I only packed a carry-on. I took the shuttle to the rental facility and picked up my car. Since I landed early, I drove to West Chester, PA to have lunch with my grandfather. After lunch, I made my way to Frederick. I checked-in to the hotel and then impatiently waited for my friend to arrive! As soon as she was off work she made her way straight to the hotel. Being the annoying friend that I am, I was sitting at the window waiting. I opened it and began yelling with excitement the moment I saw her!

Spring Hill Suites – Frederick

We enjoyed drinks and dinner at the rooftop bar that night and then prepared for our jam-packed two days that I had planned!

Spring Hill Suites – Frederick

I loved all of the vineyards that we visited but the first might have been my favorite with their eco-friendly touches all around the property, beautiful views, great wine, and lots of yummy food to order! We arrived right as they opened and were the only ones there for quite some time. Once it started to fill up, we packed up and made our way to stop #2.

Black Ankle Vineyards
Black Ankle Vineyards

I said our first stop was my favorite, but I really did love every single place that we visited. Stop #2 was a small and adorable spot, where two resident dogs were ready to let us give them all the pets. There was also a tire swing! Again, we were the only ones there for quite some time and it was wonderful!

Elk Run Winery
Elk Run Winery

Stop #3 included an outfit change. Why, you ask? No reason other than two best friends being ridiculous and wanting to. We enjoyed live music, wine, snack mix, and chocolate!

Loew Vineyards
Loew Vineyards

Stop #4 had the most beautiful property, live music, and a food truck. I wasn’t a fan of the wines I chose, but we had a great time enjoying the perfect weather and listening to music.

Hidden Hills Farm & Vineyard

After our final vineyard, we drove to Cunningham Falls and enjoyed a quick hike. Can you believe this was all in one day?? Don’t worry, we were very safe to drive – at each location, we ordered flights so that we would just have a small taste of each wine that we wanted to try. And the ones that we didn’t like, we dumped out. Also, we ate a ton and drank a ton of water!

Cunningham Falls Trail

On our second morning, we didn’t skip a beat. We were up early getting ready, having breakfast, packing, and loading our cars since we wouldn’t be back before checkout. Our first stop of the morning was the Catoctin Mountain Orchard for some snacks. We may have went a little overboard…

Catoctin Mountain Orchard

After loading up on snacks for the day, we made our way to the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve before the vineyards opened. We were so lucky that we were there when all of the male peacocks were doing their mating dances! I’ve only ever seen that on TV and it was really incredible to see in person. And also funny at how easily the females ignored their advances…

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve

At noon, we arrived at the Catoctin Breeze Vineyard & Winery, where I had made a pergola reservation for 12:00-2:30. This property continued with the theme of being absolutely gorgeous! A storm was rolling in that day so it was a little overcast and a little cold for these two Florida natives. But having a little wine and running around like excited children warmed us right up!

Catoctin Breeze Mountain Vineyard

After Catoctin, we had a little more time that I originally planned so we stopped at another spot on our route. Unfortunately, the storm was getting closer and it was extremely windy! The outdoor area was huge, but it was jam-packed with visitors listening to live music and enjoying the outdoors before the rain arrived. We played with a cute little puppy, tried to hide from the wind, and then left for our final stop.

Springfield Manor

This last stop was the most fun because I had decided to book a local photographer during my planning! We’re so fortunate that the direction we were heading ended up putting some space between us and the storm. This was my first time booking a photographer for a best friend session and now I will do it again and again! Supriya and I had the best time and everyone at the vineyard was congratulating us on our marriage (HA! told you it was a romantic weekend). We cannot recommend Sarah Laughland Photography enough. She was so fantastic!

Linganore Winecellars
Linganore Winecellars
Linganore Winecellars

RIGHT after our session was over, the heavens opened and it POURED. Sarah made a run for her car, while Supriya and I took shelter to enjoy the storm. We stayed for a few hours and then left to get her car from the hotel and grab a pizza on the way home.

The next morning, I made my way back to BWI and flew home to my sweet little family. Supriya and I decided that this will be an annual tradition so we’re already working on our 2021 wine-weekend-getaway!

Detailed itineraries for all trips on my site are available for purchase for $25.

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