Hi, all! Welcome to ‘out of the office today’ – my favorite kind of day! This page is devoted to helping working professionals maximize their paid time off by planning unforgettable trips.

I love planning and I love encouraging others to step our of their comfort zone and travel! I hope this page can help you commit to some fun adventures without the stress of making hundreds of decisions.

Each year, my husband and I take at least one adult-only trip. The rest are family-oriented. Most are fast-paced, jam-packed itineraries that revolve around being outdoors! You’ll see these adventures showcased on Instagram – @out.of.the.office.today – and here on my site. 

Our travels have continued to get better and better as we explore new locations. Some trips, we splurge. Others, we keep it simple. Follow our adventures to see all of the places we’ve been able to check-off our very long bucket list!

Humans left to right: Cameron, Harper, Jilian (me!); Dogs left to right: Mason, Murphy