Hi, all! Welcome to ‘out of the office today’ <– my favorite kind of days! This page is devoted to the wonderful world of travel! But not necessarily for the gorgeous model-types that are paid to travel to exotic locations year-round. This one is more geared toward those of us that have homes, pets, kids, 9-5 jobs, and are working to build our 401k’s… BUT still want to utilize our measly 15 paid days off per year and travel to beautiful and incredible places!

I’m very Type A and love planning. I hope this page can help you pick some fun adventures without the stress of making hundreds of decisions. Detailed itineraries for most locations are available for purchase – $25.

A little about me: My name is Jilian. I live in Florida with my daughter, husband, and our 2 rescue dogs, Maddie and Mason. My husband, Cameron, and I met at the University of Florida in 2010 a month before my graduation.

From the beginning, Cameron has always been skeptical with my goal of visiting every corner of this great planet. Imagine my surprise when I found out he didn’t have a passport! I hadn’t traveled anywhere groundbreaking when we met, but you can bet I was ready to!

Our travels have continued to get better and better as we explore new locations. Some trips, we splurge. Others, we keep simple. Follow our adventures to see all of the places we’ve been able to check-off our bucket list!