Weekend Getaway – Crystal River, FL in Summer

There are three main attractions in the Crystal River and Homosassa area of Florida – (1) beautiful natural springs, (2) manatees, and (3) scalloping! These springs offer fun all year round.  For this weekend adventure, we went scalloping! Scalloping season is only open for a limited time during the summer (typically July), so it’s best… More

Weekend Getaway – Palm Coast, FL

Are you looking for a weekend getaway for the whole family that doesn’t take much planning? Check out Hammock Beach Golf Resort in Palm Coast, Florida! For my husband’s birthday, we decided to look for a getaway that would include golf for him and activities that our daughter would enjoy. (Yes, I was also considered… More

GA Mountains – Ellijay / Blue Ridge

After all of our 2020 travel plans were cancelled, we ended up taking 2 road trips to the mountains in North Carolina (see posts: NC Mountains – Banner Elk area and NC Mountains – Asheville area). Our Banner Elk trip was in the summer and our Asheville trip was the week of Thanksgiving. Cameron loved… More

Costa Rica

While watching TV one night, I asked Cameron what places were on his bucket list. He said New Zealand and Costa Rica were two places he would like to go. I opened my laptop and looked up plane tickets for both. Round trip from Orlando to San Jose on Copa Air was only $300. Without… More

South Africa

Safari and Cape Town South Africa. There is so much to say, but I probably can’t express it all the way that it deserves to be. This was the most incredible trip and, if I had an unlimited cash flow, I would do it over and over again! Let’s begin with planning – I knew… More

Weekend Getaway – Frederick, MD

Have you ever heard of Frederick, MD? I hadn’t. I stumbled upon this great spot when I was planning a weekend trip to see one of my best friends that had recently moved to Baltimore. Visiting vineyards became a favorite activity during the pandemic – lots of outdoor space and wine! So for every city… More

Utah – The Mighty 5

This trip to Utah was 3 years in the making. It was originally planned for summer 2018. I bumped it back to 2020 after finding out I was pregnant with my little one (YAY!) and 2019 plans that were already in the works – the cruise to Alaska! Then the Covid pandemic hit and it… More


Common theme amongst my recent posts – 2020 plans were cancelled. Which means that our annual Easter trip to Raleigh was cancelled. For 2021, we didn’t want to miss it, but we’re also not ready to put the little one on a plane again just yet. So we decided to make a week of it,… More

Big Sky, MT in winter

After having the opportunity to see Big Sky during the summer, we HAD to see it in the winter! We chose February due to a lot of March and April plans for our group of 8. Traveling with others can oftentimes be difficult, so be sure to pick the right people! We will happily do… More

NC Mountains – Asheville area

We love getting out of Florida for Thanksgiving so we decided to book as last minute Airbnb in the Asheville area. Options were limited so we chose a house in Hendersonville. It wasn’t our ideal cabin-esque home, but the views could not have been any better! As with our last trip to the mountains, we… More

Big Sky, MT in summer

Big Sky. Have you heard of it? Have you been? I have and I’m in love. Like everyone else, our 2020 plans were thrown for a loop. After getting a little too stir crazy, we finally booked an Airbnb and drove to the Boone area in July 2020. Right before we left, a client of… More

Yellowstone & Grand Teton

How did we pick this trip? Cam and I had so much fun on our hiking trip in Arizona that we wanted to do something similar. Our original plan was The Mighty 5 in Utah, but when looking at flight prices and other accomodations, we opted to visit these two magnificent parks! Day 1 We… More

NC Mountains – Banner Elk area

Seven Devils / Banner Elk / Boone 2020 had so much promise! Before 2019 ended, we had a ski trip to Big Sky, MT booked. We had our annual Easter trip to Raleigh, NC booked. We had a trip to Philadelphia, PA for a friend’s wedding booked! And Utah was in the works. One week… More

Weekend Getaway – Dripping Springs, TX

Let’s jump back to May 2019. This was my first trip away from the little nugget (almost 8 months old at the time). Our friends were getting married and they chose a gorgeous property in Dripping Springs, TX. I wasn’t aware that I had ever heard of this place until I did a Google search… More

Alaska Cruise

For years, my mother-in-law talked about going on her dream trip – an Alaska cruise. To make sure that she would actually go, we promised to join her when she retired! As soon as she announced her retirement date, we planned and booked it. Day 1 We flew into Seattle (SEA) airport, landed at 10:40… More

Saint Thomas, USVI

In need of an island getaway? Try the Virgin Islands! Cameron and I chose the beautiful island of St. Thomas for our honeymoon trip. I had Marriott points to burn, So I looked up tropical destinations where they have properties, then price checked flights. Day 1 We flew out of Tampa on a Monday, connected… More

Weekend Getaway – Raleigh, NC

A few years ago, Cameron and I started an annual tradition of visiting his brother and our sister-in-law in Raleigh for Easter. It gives us an excuse to get away for a long weekend and gives them the opportunity to have family around for a holiday without having to take time off of work. A… More

Weekend Getaway – Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is the city where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were signed. It is also the land of the cheesesteak! I was born just outside of Philadelphia and have visited on numerous occasions. I was perusing a Southwest sale in January and found $75 round trip tickets and decided it was time… More

Jamaica – Ocho Rios all-inclusive

Are you ready for summer? Do you have the urge to book a vacation that doesn’t require you to think once your flight is booked? Well, that is the beauty of all-inclusives! Cameron had never been to one of these glorious properties, so for his birthday, we booked the Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort in… More

Snowmass, CO

Tis the season for snowboarding and skiing! Outside of boating and golfing, snowboarding is Cameron’s favorite thing. But for once, I had never been! So when my aunt asked if we wanted to join her, my uncle, and cousin Amanda to visit my cousin Sean, we said yes! Sean had been living and working there… More


Arizona. What a gorgeous and unexpected place! I had previously visited because my grandparents used to live in Phoenix. But I was young and didn’t get the chance to experience the incredible destinations I’ve heard about in my adulthood. When I mentioned Arizona to Cameron, his response was typical… ‘why?’ ‘what’s in Arizona?’. But our… More

1 Day in Athens

Athens. The final stop on our Mediterranean cruise and first European adventure. I loved every single place that we visited but Athens has a really strong hold on my heart. We were able to disembark from the ship between 7:00-8:00 AM, which gave us lots of time to explore. We took a cab to the… More

1 Day in Montenegro

Montenegro. I will be honest with you, I had no idea this was even a place until we booked the Mediterranean cruise. My criteria for the route was that it included Barcelona, Florence, Rome, and Athens. Marseille and Kotor ended up being really great bonuses! The ship we were on was the inaugural visit of… More

1 Day in Rome

I know, I know. ONE day in Rome is not possible. And you are correct. BUT we did see a lot and had the BEST DAY! I can’t wait to get back and spend several days there. Rome was the 4th stop on our Mediterranean cruise. We booked a tour through the ship called Ultimate… More

1 Day in Pisa & Florence

The 3rd stop on our Mediterranean cruise was the port of Livorno. Close by are Pisa and Florence! For this stop, we booked a tour through the ship that provided transportation to each location, but no guide. Some of you may opt for the guided tour but one of our close friends was born in… More

1 Day in Marseille

The 2nd stop on our Mediterranean cruise was Marseille, France. I scoured through the available tours offered by the cruise ship but none were appealing so I turned to TripAdvisor. I found a bike tour from Marseille to the calanques and at first I almost skipped by it for another option (my mother and husband… More

1 Day in Barcelona

Hi, all! Your first question about this post is obvious…. why would you only spend ONE day in Barcelona?! This was the start of our first European adventure. As you may have already guessed, Cameron was a little nervous to travel across the pond. I wanted to fly to Europe and bounce around a bit… More

Weekend Getaway – Washington, D.C.

Hi, all! Today’s post is the third in my weekend getaway series – Washington, D.C. As always, this is not an extensive list of everything to do and see. It’s a condensed trip and the things that we chose to do, see, and enjoyed! Cameron flew in Thursday night and we went to Hill Country… More

Weekend Getaway – Chicago, IL

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve! Today’s post is a great weekend getaway – Chicago, IL! This is my favorite big city in the states. If you only have the weekend like we did, you definitely want to hit all the major spots! We started with Melting Pot for dinner when Cam flew in… I… More

Weekend Getaway – Boston, MA

Hi, all! This week’s post is the first of my Weekend Getaway Series and focuses on Boston, MA. My last job gave me the ability to bounce around the country every other week, so I would extend some of my stays and fly Cameron out for the weekend. First things first, how did we choose… More